This cider won a Bronze medal in the 2017 Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition.

Wooden Tooth Special

This is our flagship apple cider that is available year round. The juice is fresh pressed in Apple Hill, Ca. We ferment and package it at our west side Santa Cruz production facility. 

6% ABV

This easy drinking, dry apple cider has a fruity aroma and flavor without being sweet. It is balanced and light with a dry finish.

Hopped Apple cider

As most things that happen at sc cider co this was an experimental cider that left all of us with our heads spinning. We started making this dry hopped apple cider for an event and it sold out so quickly we knew it had to become a part of our regular selection. This is our Wooden tooth apple cider that is dry hopped with cascade hops.

The cascade hop gives this cider an intense fruity aroma that makes you think of mango and citrus right off. The first sip is tropical as it transforms into a balanced dry apple finish. There is not a trace of bitterness in this local favorite. Sip, enjoy, repeat. 

This cider won a silver medal in the 2017 Great Lakes International cider and Perry Competition.

Lot 16 series

Every year we release a new lot series of ciders. When you see the black label you will know it is our local cider blend. When we say local we mean that we picked and processed every apple that went into this fine crafted beverage. We have two blends from the 2016 harvest. The OVS (Ottsonville Special) and The LDV ( Luz Del Valle)

The OVS is from one of our orchards on Casserly Rd in Watsonville. It is named after our friend Dave Ott who owns the orchard. This orchard of mostly Newtown Pipin, Gravenstein and Bellflowers is where Santa Cruz Cider co got its start. It is a small two acre orchard that we hold close to our roots and hearts. 

6% ABV

Lot 16(Ottsonville Special)

These apples are fermented separately in small batches and blended together to make a full bodied, balanced dry cider. No sulfites are used, allowing the wild yeasts to play a roll while maintaining a clean dry finish.

The LDV is another orchard that we care for dearly coming in at about 12 acres of apples in the Pleasant Valley of Corralitos. This blend of apples is mostly Gravenstein, Newtown Pippins, Golden Delicious an a bit of Bellflower. The Orchard belongs to Phil and Karell Reader and has been in their family for many generations.


Lot 16 (Luz Del Valle)    Lot 16 is a dry cider made with all local apples with no sulfites added. It's a little more structured like a wine with a good balance of acidity and tannin. The aroma has a hint of wild yeast.  This cider has an apple fruitiness without being sweet and no add back.